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very high heat pump, industrial proceses, waste heat recovery


During last decades more and more attention has been paid on CO2 emissions. One of the solutions for decreasing CO2 emissions concerns the substitution of fossil fuels industrial boilers by the use of very high temperature electrical heat pumps. Moreover, according to the Kyoto and Montreal protocols, the CFC and HCFC are or will be forbidden. In that context, the developments of industrial heat pumps (HP) and new working fluids with high critical temperatures are necessary. In this paper, the main refrigerants types are considered for very high temperature heat pump applications (i.e. natural fluids, HFC and HFO). Performance calculations and CO2 emissions impact are presented for some potential interesting fluids for high temperature HP applications. In a second time, the paper demonstrates the technological feasibility and reliability of a newly developed very high temperature heat pump using a new blend as working fluid. This industrial heat pump can supply hot water up to 140°C, or low-pressure steam. The performances of the machine are characterized and reliability is demonstrated by an ageing test campaign.