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Ejector refrigeration system, Pump-less, R134a, Solar thermal energy


Ejector refrigeration is considered as one of the three main ways of refrigeration and air-conditioning to utilize lowgrade energy. Use of pump-less technology to eliminate the mechanical circulating pump of the working fluid from condenser to generator in ejector refrigeration systems can meet the minimal maintenance requirement and increase operation lifetime of the system. In this study, a pump-less ejector refrigeration system driven by solar thermal energy, using R134a as refrigerant is proposed. The prototype is constructed and the performance of the ejector which will be used in a pump-less system is investigated experimentally. The design condition of the pump-less ejector refrigeration system is: evaporation temperature of 15 oC, condensation temperature of 45 oC, generation temperature of 80 oC, and refrigeration capacity of 1.5 kW. The influence of the evaporation temperature, condensation temperature and generation temperature on the performance of the ejector is studied. Results show that the performance of the tested ejector is not good, and suggestions for improving the performance of the ejector are made.