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FHP Condensing Units, CFD


Rating & Sizing of heat exchangers are two important challenges encountered in the system design. The rating problem is concerned with the determination total heat transfer rate, the sizing problem is concerned with the determination of the total heat transfer surface area. The key factor contributing in higher heat transfer rate & minimum heat transfer area is the air flow over the condenser coil, as the system lies in indoor of a cabinet. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is used to optimize components for aerodynamic performance in a Fractional Horse Power indoor air-cooled condensing unit. The analysis is validated with the test results and 4.5% deviation in air flow rate is observed. Structural analysis of components is also performed to analyze the deformations & stresses occurring due to pressures & temperatures of the flow. The behavior of flow over the condensing unit components is studied and necessary modifications for the improvement of flow over components are suggested that enhances the heat transfer rate to improve the system EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).