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R161,Flammable Refrigerant,Residential air-conditioning


In order to investigate the feasibility of R161 applied in residential air conditioner, the thermodynamic performance and comprehensive theoretical thermodynamic cycle of R161, R22 and R290 under various air-conditioner operating condition were carried out. Further more, the cooling and heating performance of R161 and R22 under various operating condition was investigated experimentally in a 3.5kW residential heat pump air conditioner. Property and thermodynamic cycle comparison showed that R161 has better thermodynamic performance than R290, the rated cooling and heating capacity is lower than R22 but higher than R290, the rated cooling and heating COP is higher than both R22 and R290. The experimental rated cooling capacity reduced 7.6% and rated cooling EER increased 6.1%, rated heating capacity reduced 6.8% and rated heating COP increased 4.7%, refrigerant optimized charge reduced 43% compared to R22 system, theoretical and experimental test revealed that R161 has lower discharge temperature than R22 system.