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single phase ejector, dual temperature, CFD


An adjust ejector was designed based on classical gas dynamical function method in single phase dual temperature ejector refrigeration system. Further more ejector optimal dimension influenced by mass flow distribution ratio, high and low evaporating temperature was also analyzed in this paper. The velocity field and pressure field of the adjustable ejector was simulated by CFD software. Moreover, the simulated ejector ratio agreed with experimental ejector ratio well. The effect of primary flow pressure, suction flow pressure and out flow pressure on ejector ratio was investigated through using CFD software. Finally the experimental comparison result indicated that the single phase dual temperature ejector system expressed superior performance than on off valve dual temperature system. The maximal cooling capacity and EER elevation was close to 12.9% and 9.5% respectively as high and low temperature evaporating temperature difference reached 16℃, this means that the single phase dual temperature ejector system was suitable for larger temperature difference situation such as freezing and cooling storage area.