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Enhanced heat transfer, peripheral finned-tube, optimization, porous media, entropy generation minimization.


The peripheral finned-tube (PFT) is a new geometry for enhanced air-side heat transfer under moisture condensate blockage (evaporators). It consists of individual hexagonal (peripheral) fin arrangements with radial fins whose bases are attached to the tubes and tips are interconnected with the peripheral fins. In this paper, experimentally validated semi-empirical models for the air-side heat transfer and pressure drop are combined with the entropy generation minimization theory to determine the optimal characteristics of PFT heat exchangers. The analysis is based on three independent parameters, i.e., porosity, equivalent particle diameter and particle-based Reynolds number. The total heat transfer rate is a fixed constraint. The optimal heat exchanger configurations, i.e., those in which the entropy generation number reaches a minimum, are calculated for constant heat flux and constant tube wall temperature boundary conditions. Performance evaluation criteria of fixed geometry, fixed face area and variable geometry were implemented. In all cases, it was possible to determine a combination of independent parameters that provided a minimum entropy generation rate.