Each year, Indiana LTAP funds a number of research projects approved by its Technical Advisory Committee. These research projects aim to identify or develop innovative processes and techniques of constructing, preserving, and maintaining roadway infrastructure, which can benefit the local agencies who care for Indiana’s roads.

This series contains Indiana LTAP sponsored technical reports.


Submissions from 2012


Documenting the Construction of a Plain Concrete Bridge Deck and an Internally Cured Bridge Deck, Carmelo Di Bella, John Schlitter, Neal Carboneau, and Jason Weiss

Submissions from 2011


An Asset Management Framework for Addressing the New MUTCD Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Standards, Eric Hulme, Sarah ML Hubbard, Grant D. Farnsworth, Alexander M. Hainen, Steve M. Remias, and Darcy M. Bullock


Development of Guidelines for the Rating, Inspection, and Acquisition of Railroad Flatcars for Use as Highway Bridges on Low-Volume Roads, Jason T. Provines and Robert Connor

Submissions from 1993


Flowable Fill, HERPICC

Submissions from 1983


Street Cuts in County and City Streets, James Mabry Iddins