One of the most important responsibilities of local street and highway departments is to provide the driving public with adequate, appropriate signs to permit safe travel over unfamiliar roads. Unfortunately, this responsibility is frequently neglected or, at best, under-emphasized. The most common excuse used to justify this neglect is inadequate funding, which is undoubtedly true. What is equally true, however, is that resurfacing roads and streets is more politically popular than re-signing them, even though resurfacing leads to increased speeds, which in turn can lead to increased accident experience on improperly or inadequately signed facilities.

This brief report is not intended to be a complete summary of all aspects of traffic signing procedures, but its purpose is to provide some basic information which can be a starting point for a local agency committed to improving its signing procedures.

Much of the information in this report has been obtained from the National Association of County Engineers (NACE) Action Guides and from the Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.


traffic signing

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