Wages, benefits and insurance plans for employee classifications common to road and street maintenance organizations are reported in this publication. The figures were obtained from a March 1988 questionnaire sent to all Indiana County Highway Departments and from the "Indiana Municipal Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits, 1988" published by the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns.

The information in this publication is intended to assist the local road and street agencies in developing the wage plans for next years budget by providing comparative information from other organizations in the state. Exact duties and responsibilities vary and are not reflected in the general job classification but are reflected in different wage rates. In addition, when expensive items of equipment are utilized by an agency, it is generally necessary to have a higher wage for the individuals responsible for operation and care of such equipment. Costs of equipment repairs are reduced when skilled operators are the only users.

Salaried personnel are not listed in this publication however such city employees are in the previously mentioned "Indiana Municipal Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits, 1988" and county officials are listed in the "County Government Statistical Report" published yearly by the Indiana Farm Bureau.


wages, benefits, road and street employees

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