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This report provides roadway mileage summary information for each incorporated agency within Adams County as well as statewide summaries of mileage broken down by agency type, roadway functional classification, surface type, and federal-aid system for all local roads and streets within Indiana. The body of this report has been divided into three distinct sections, Reference Reports, Statewide Summary Reports, and County Specific Reports.

In Section 1, Reference Reports, the statewide functional classifications, surface types, and federal-aid systems are given in three reports. These three reports serve as an overview of the possible functional classifications, surface types, or federal-aid systems, which can be reported, based upon INDOT guidelines.

Section 2 provides seven statewide summary reports for the purpose of providing the LP A official an index to compare his or her agency's mileage against. Two of these reports provide county mileage and city and town mileage summaries by specific agency. The remaining reports of this section give detailed summaries of functional classification, surface type, and federal-aid system mileage broken down by agency type.

The final section of this report contains summary information pertaining only to the county and its incorporated agencies. The reports of this section provide detailed breakdowns, by individual agency and agency type, of mileage according to functional classification, surface type, federal-aid system, and right-of-way width. In addition to these summary reports this section also contains a detailed listing of all inventory routes with the county. These inventory routes are grouped by their corresponding governing agency.

All roadway information was provided by INDOT in the form of Microsoft Access database files and has been summarized based upon the above criteria.


road inventory, street inventory, mileage, inventory route

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