This Bulletin --- "HIGHWAY FINANCE - Update 1981" --- has been compiled to provide Local Road and Street Officials with a year-end report on the results of the 1981 gas tax legislation, as well as an updated estimate of anticipated revenue for Calendar Year 1982.

Total highway-user revenue for 1981 was up some $39 million over 1980 totals; this is about 6% over the totals forecast back in July. And on the basis of the 1981 experience, the 1982 total revenue estimate is up to $393 million -- a $23 million increase over the July forecast. If the 1982 experience record tracks this updated forecast, then additional funds will probably be available for budgeting in the latter part of 1982.

In addition this Bulletin provides Local Road and Street Officials with updated information on the 1980 Excise Surtax and Wheel Tax revenue estimates, procedures, and 1981 results. This program is getting off to a slow start but should eventually gather momentum since these local option highway-user taxes have the potential of generating an additional $40 million for local roads and streets.


highway revenues, highway expenses, highway distributions, gas tax, excise tax, wheel tax

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