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The objective of this report is to summarize the current bridge maintenance practices of the different counties within Indiana. This information is intended to help others understand which maintenance practices seem to be working and what does not seem to work. Further, this report will be used to assess the need for specialized training and information courses to be offered through the Indiana LT AP office.

Of the all of the Indiana counties surveyed, a total of 50 responses were received. The data contained within this report is based upon the number of responses received.

The basic findings of this study indicate that certain bridge maintenance practices have consistently had the same results, whether successful or unsuccessful, throughout several counties. This survey was also used to determine the number of counties that utilize a bridge crew to regularly take care of the bridges in their county. A number of counties that either could not support a bridge crew or that choose not to have a bridge crew regularly contract out any bridge work that must be done.


bridge maintenance, county bridge

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