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Included in this publication are wage and salary figures for the major salaried and hourly county highway positions in Indiana. In addition, the numbers of employees working under each job title are tabulated, and the ratio of total number of employees per mile of county road is displayed. The following series of tables are divided into four categories: administration, maintenance and repair, general and undistributed, and cumulative bridge. The appendix presents the recommended methods for calculating the labor burden for both salaried and hourly employees. Also included are generalized worksheets, which may be copied and used to calculate labor burden for any specific county. The method for calculating overhead rates or overhead burden was approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

All salary and wage data was obtained from approved 2000 Salary Ordinances acquired from county auditors' offices. The number of employees in each job position was found using each county's annual operational report. The number of county road miles was found in Section 2 of 2000 Summary of Road and Street Inventory for Indiana LPA 's, published by Indiana LTAP.

The information in this publication is intended to assist the county highway agencies in developing their wage plans for next year's budget by providing comparative information from other counties in the state. Exact duties and responsibilities for the same job position will vary from county to county, which is often reflected in a wide range of wage and salary values. The difficult task of grouping individual positions into common job titles was done with great care, but users should be aware that some positions might not be completely comparable with others under the same job title classification.


wages, salary, survey, county highway department

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