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This report contains a summary of local units' use of the Major Moves funding to enhance their transportation systems provided for by the Indiana Legislature passing of House Bill 1008 on March 14, 2006.

The information contained herein is from either written or verbal responses to a survey that was sent to all Indiana counties and to the Indiana cities and towns over 20,000 in population. A copy of this survey can be found in the Appendix. In Appendix I, you will find a copy of the survey that was sent. Appendix II contains a table containing a breakdown of the amount of money distributed to the local units of government. Appendix III has a copy of some frequently asked questions in regards to the appropriate uses of the Major Moves money. A copy of the section of State Law that contains the Major Moves legislation (HB1008) is in Appendix IV.

This summary may be used to compare the different types of uses for the Major Moves money. This summary is split into 2 different tables; county responses and city/town responses. The totals in the tables do not reflect the number of local units that responded to the survey; they represent the actual number of responses stating that particular use. Many agencies had multiple uses for the money they received and each different response was tabulated. At the top of each table, the number of actual local unit responses is listed.


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