This is Volume I of a two volume handbook that provides local public officials with a guide to technical, environmental, legal and procedural constraints pertaining to local street and road programs in the state of Indiana and provides a comprehensive and usable documented discussion of these subjects. It is based upon an Oregon county road manual published in the early 1980's. Municipal concerns and considerations have been included in addition to those of counties. Volume I is a discussion of ten major topics: local authority; intergovernmental relations; transportation planning; obtaining right-of-way; location, relocation, vacation and railroad abandonment; jurisdictional and functional classification; road revenues; managing the local road and street effort; design and specifications for streets and roads; and traffic control and management. Each chapter includes a quick-reference guide in a question and answer format, and administrative guidelines or suggestions for ordinances. A list of references is found at the end of each chapter. Volume I also contains references to federal and state statutes and regulations, a bibliography, glossary, and index to statutes. Volume II contains an arrangement of Indiana statutes and notes which pertain to the topics discussed in the chapters of Volume I, and are arranged in the same order.


asset management funding planning right-of-way signage intergovermental transportation budget security risk challenges

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