Indiana LTAP


This handbook begins by examining government officials’ authority to carry out their road and street work. Next is the ever important challenge of intergovernmental relations, becoming more routine, albeit challenging. Funding road and street efforts, inherent in the intergovernmental environment, and transportation planning follow. The chapter on right-of-way issues is varied and extensive because current topics are now often confrontational. The management chapter addresses such topics as managerial functions, training, and a number of related issues. The discussion then moves to the serious matter of risk management and transportation security, along with traditional tort liability topics, the imperative of transportation infrastructure, and facility security. Chapter 9, which is on signage and traffic management, is the first of three technical chapters, followed by asset management and engineering and technology. Because local officials need information for planning and are often frustrated by its complexity, the chapter on the Transportation Efficiency Act introduces the national transportation authorization and reauthorization process. The final chapter looks at special issues—most significantly, the preservation of historic properties and artifacts, which government agencies must address as they continue to work daily on their local infrastructure.


asset management funding planning right-of-way signage intergovermental transportation budget security risk challenges

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