Indiana LTAP


This report is intended to provide model ordinances for common situations for county highway departments and local street departments in Indiana where no current sample or model ordinance is readily available. Information to prepare model ordinances was collected from other Indiana counties and municipalities. Some of the model ordinances were created at the request of local highway and street departments.

The purpose of this report was not to duplicate regulations already in place such as where state governments cover issues such road signage, or traffic control, but to provide references for situations that have no other regulation or where specific needs might not be covered by other regulation. Such an example is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This manual does not cover political signs, or realty signs.

The model ordinances included in this report might be common in some counties but not so in others. The intent was to provide a reference so each county could determine what its own needs are and a starting point to meet those needs.

Consultation with local legal counsel is suggested prior to implementing any ordinance contained in this report. While these ordinances can be a starting point the local counsel has the training to insure legal conflicts and specific provisions are enforceable, should the ordinances be challenged in court.


ordinances, signs, parking, mail box, right-of-ways, oversized loads, abandoned vehicles, engine braking, snow emergencies, dumping, frost law, size and weight restrictions

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