Peer Reviewers

The volunteer service of peer-reviewers expert in the study of problem-based learning is at the heart of the success of IJPBL. This page provides information for potential reviewers. Details about deadlines, URLs for uploading reviews, etc. will be provided in an e-mail sent after a reviewer has committed to review for the journal.

The Review Process

Manuscripts are reviewed first by the editorial board. Those that are deemed appropriate for the journal are sent to at least two experts in PBL scholarship, particularly in the primary author’s discipline or content area. All reviews are “blind,” that is, without identifying the author(s) to the reviewers. On the basis of the reviewers’ recommendations, the IJPBL editor(s) will decide to publish the manuscript as submitted, to request a significant revision and resubmission, or to reject the manuscript for publication. In all cases, the author will be notified of the decision, and a copy of the reviewers’ comments will be provided.

Reviewer Rubrics

Along with the manuscript in your invitation email, you, as a reviewer, should also be given a rubric in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Reviewers will be expected to complete the relevant rubric (Research, Theory, or Practice) and register a decision of Accept with Minor Revisions, Accept with Major Revisions, or Not Acceptable. Besides simply checking the boxes on the rubric, we've also included spaces for comments. These comments are usually what is the most beneficial for our authors and editors, so please fill in those comment boxes. Comments may also be written on the manuscript itself, but you will either need to scan or mail the manuscript when your review is completed.

Research Rubric
Theory Rubic
Practice Rubric