Conference Year

July 2018


PCM, Modeling, Energy storage


Developing stable and environmentally friendly phase change materials (PCM) has been an active area of research due to many applications, such as industrial energy storage system, cooling/heating applications in buildings, and thermal management for electronics equipment as well as for batteries and photovoltaic modules. However, previous studies confirmed that most PCMs suffer a serious disadvantage of low thermal conductivity. A novel design of PCM layer is investigated here for thermal management application. The novel PCM layer is comprised of a PCM and magnetic particles coated on the shell. When a magnetic field is applied in the thermal management system, due to the magnetic of the particles, PCM layer are attached to the heat source to absorb heat, which significantly improves the heat transfer between PCM and the heat source. The melting temperature of the PCM and Curie temperature of the magnetic particles are carefully selected to optimize the performance and to ensure materials compatibility. A numerical study is conducted to reveal the heat transfer and performance improvement of the PCM layer.