Conference Year

July 2018


Intelligent Building, Event Response


The number of attacks against occupied commercial buildings has increased dramatically around the world and in the United States. These attacks have included active shooters, kinetic devices, and hazardous (i.e., chemical or biological) agents. Typical commercial buildings have no systems to deal with these threats. Even iconic buildings rely primarily on restricted access to provide security. Video cameras are often present but are used primarily for forensics after an event has occurred. However, advanced systems that enable intelligent and connected buildings can be leveraged along with sensor technology to enable detection, notification and response to attacks. These same systems can also be used to enhance response to other emergency events such as grid outages, extreme weather, and earthquakes. This paper will present current research showing how Intelligent Building Technology can be leveraged to provide automated response and situational awareness to attacks and other emergency event situations. Results from whole-building modeling and full-scale testing will be presented for one type of threat. Specifically, CONTAM model results validated with experimental data from a well-instrumented 50,000 sqft testbed building will be presented to demonstrate the capability of using intelligent building infrastructure to affect dispersion of a chemical or biological agent inside a commercial office building.