Conference Year

July 2018


Botanical air Filtration, Net-Zero Energy, Plants, Indoor air quality, HVAC


Aesthetic Considerations for Biowall Design & Operation A Biowall is a plant-based filter used to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a residence. This area of research leverages NASA’s 30 years of experience on plant filtration capabilities. A result of that research is NASA’s Top 10 Air Filtering Plant list. These plants are identified for their ability to remove carbon based and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) contaminants from the air; non-toxicity to human plant owners; ease of growth; and expected lifespan. In addition to improving IAQ, a Biowall has a unique and important role in the aesthetics of the space where it is located. A Biowall is a technology that brings nature indoors and enhances overall sustainability. If the Biowall does not have a pleasant appearance, nobody is going to want one. This research targeted both aesthetics and functionality in a conditional plant growth study within a fully operational Biowall in a home. The goal was to identify which plants grow well within the 0artificial, low nutrient environment and document how to care for these plants. The result was a toolbox of known air filtering plants that can thrive in the Biowall environment, while also making eye-pleasing arrangements with the plant filtration trays. This knowledge will aid in the commercialization of the concept.