Conference Year

July 2018


ASHP, radiant heating, thermal comfort, CFD, simplified manikin


A numerical study on the indoor thermal environment served a novel air source heat pump powered bed-based space radiation heating (ASHP-BBSH) system is reported in this paper. This novel system combines the merits from a Chinese Kang, or a heated bed, widely used in northern rural China and a standard ASHP system, which can provide localized space heating via both convection and radiation to maintain a comfortable indoor thermal environment, at reduced energy use. In this novel bed-based system, a bed is heated and thus used as a radiator for providing space heating at both daytime and nighttime. In this paper, firstly, a numerical model for a bedroom with a heated bed was firstly built and a manikin with simplified dimensions and physiological shape sitting on the heated bed has been added to the numerical model. Secondly, using the model, the relationships between indoor thermal environment and a number of influencing factors, including the bed surface temperature and heating area were numerically studied. Thirdly, a comparison between the novel system and a standard ASHP system was numerically conducted to demonstrate the advantages of the novel bed-based space heating system. The numerical results show that compared with a standard ASHP system, a better thermal comfort level and higher energy saving potential can be achieved by applying the ASHP-BBSH system. Necessary parameters for the system design and operation in the follow-up experimental work were provided.