Conference Year

July 2018


Steam System, High Performance Buildings, Operations and Management, Steam Institute, Steam Training


This paper documents the design and construction of a world-class steam system institute. Steam systems provide heat and energy for high performance buildings. However, incoming technicians have little to no technical education for steam systems and no steam institutes exist today. While new technicians are introduced to steam systems for 20 hours of in class sessions, there are little opportunities for hands on experience. Furthermore, steam systems, if not maintained properly, are dangerous and new personnel need hands on experience to ensure safety and adherence to standard protocol. A new world-class steam system institute will provide incoming technicians with knowledge of proper steam distribution, condensation, and return. The system will contain a smaller scale of all necessary components seen in the field. Not only examples of equipment, but also common mistakes made in typical steam systems, such as poorly pitched pipe, will be demonstrated. The design of the steam system includes common valves, heat exchangers, steam traps, flash tanks, regulators, automation, and more. With the knowledge of steam system components and common mistakes, new technicians will be able to provide more satisfactory operations and management reducing maintenance costs. Understanding processes, and incorrect practices, before entering the field, will improve the safety and smoothness of steam system operations in facilities. The state-of-the-art steam system institute will prepare students with a comprehensive understanding of a scaled-down steam system and confidence in the field.