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energy consumption, navy installation, hvac measurement


In fiscal year 2014, the facility energy consumption of the Department of Defense (DOD) amounted to 214,164 billion British thermal units (Btus), which was about 1.2 percent of the total U.S. commercial sector’s energy consumption. DOD spent $4.2 billion on facility energy, which included $4 billion to power, heat, and cool buildings. Several research works have been conducted to save energy and study the energy consumption of military installations in a general view. However, few research works discussed the characteristics of energy consumption by building type in a high temperature and high relative humidity climate. This paper will investigate the characteristics of energy consumption by building type under the specific hot and humid climate at a selected U.S. Navy installation. The building types comprise of office building, residential building, supermarket, data center, warehouse and supermarket. Utility bills of electricity and natural gas for each building will be analyzed to show the actual energy consumption status. Field tests on HVAC system operations and building envelope properties will be conducted to identify the characteristics of energy consumption for each building type. Weakness of current building operation in the selected military installation will be discussed. Based on measured data and walk-through inspection, energy conservation measures will be proposed.