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Interface, Exterior Solar Protection Devices, Shading System


This presentation will be a demo of a new intractive tool and a web-based interactive graphical user interface for estimating the potential cooling energy savings with exterior solar protection devices and interior light-shelves. The modeling tool takes into account relevant parameters and allows the user to input basic information about the size of the building, size of exterior facades and windows, and glazing and framing optical and thermal properties. The user can then select among a variety of exterior solar protection devices (e.g., horizontal louvers, vertical blades, etc) of different shapes, tilt angles and dimensions, and place them on different locations on the façade. Other options include interior light-shelves and louvers with integrated PV panels. The tool reads climatic information from a TMY3 database and performs a thermal analysis of the space using a simplified heat balance method, as well as a lighting analysis when light-shelves are selected. The analysis runs real-time in a few seconds and provides the potential cooling energy savings and lighting benefits with the selected shading systems. The users can easily compare between different shading solutions and geometries on a relative basis. The reliability of data exchange and the practical, user-friendly web interface are major advantages of the new interactive tool.