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Net Zero Energy, Residence, Solar Energy


A net zero energy home was designed and built by Purdue University for the 2011 Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC. After earning a 2nd place finish in this international competition, the home was permanently located in Lafayette, IN and became a private residence.  Since that time, energy monitoring equipment has measured both energy consumption of the home and energy generation by the solar photovoltaic panels. Three full years of data (2013 to 2015) have been collected to show that the home has met its original design goal for net zero energy.  Beyond net zero, the data also shows interesting seasonal trends for HVAC, water heating, lighting, and other energy consuming devices. A survey of the current occupants provides further insight into how well features like indoor air quality, comfort, and aesthetics were incorporated into the overall design. The results suggest that a net zero energy home can be accomplished without sacrificing quality of life.