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Building energy consumption, TRNSYS, radiant heating/cooling, ventilation heat recovery, heat pump


Buildings section accouts for a large part of the total primary energy consumption. This paper reports a simulative study on an energy efficient building prototype named MIDMOD by using TRNSYS program. The prototype is a new genre of affordable medium density building concepts that are more adaptable, durable, and energy efficient as whole-life housing typologies than those currently available.The building envelope thermal insulation and air tightness are enhanced to reduce heat loss. Several technologies of indoor HVAC system are integrated, such as the hydronic radiant heating/cooling system (HRH/C), ventilation heat recovery (VHR), and heat pump water heater (HPWH), for better energy conservation and thermal comfort performance. A complex fenestration system (CFS) with fixed grid shading is employed to reduce solar heat gain in summer and increase solar heat gain in winter. The building performance is rated based on the Energy Cost Budget (ECB) Method of ASHRAE. The result shows that the prototype can achieve better energy performance with affordable price and enough thermal comfort level.

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Energy performance analysis of an energy efficient building prototype