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passive chilled beam, radiant cooling, empirical model


This study considers a cooling system retrofit for a commercial building in different climates by introducing a passive chilled beam system. A typical single duct VAV system, widely used in large office buildings, was considered as a baseline scenario; a combination of the air system and passive chilled beams was considered as a retrofit scenario. The retrofit with minimum modifications in this study includes installations of (1) multiple passive chilled beam units, (2) additional pumps and a closed water loop for the passive chilled beam units and (3) a heat exchanger where the chilled beam’s water loop exchanges heat with the return side of the chilled water loop. The results showed total energy savings up to 22% for climates where the sensible load is much higher than the latent load.

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Energy Saving Potential of Passive Chilled Beam System as a Retrofit Option in Commercial Buildings with Different Climates