Lindsay Bottoms, Reader in Exercise and Health Physiology, and Deputy Head of the Centre for Research in Psychology and Sport Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Click here to see the interview:

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Wednesday, January 1st

Mental Health and Grit

Kamryn A. Dehn, Purdue University

Monday, November 23rd
2:26 PM

Well Being In Unprecedented Times

Magdalena A. Haas
Chase Robert Ackerman, Purdue University

2:26 PM

9:50 PM

Learning about the Life of Lindsay B.

Clarissa S. Vasquez, Purdue University
Margaret M. Kelly, Purdue University
Anoushka N. Mehta, Purdue University

9:50 PM

Wednesday, December 2nd
1:13 PM

A Note from the Editor

Kristina Bross, Purdue University

1:13 PM