As part of the 2012 SoLAR Flare gathering at Purdue University (October 1-3, 2012), colleagues from higher education institutions and technology service organizations participated in an exercise to develop a learning analytics application to improve college student performance college gateway courses. Defined as high enrollment, high failure rate courses taken by primarily first- and second-year college students, these gateway courses are critical to overall student success in college. This paper summarizes the activities of the group, including the conceptual frameworks that guided discussions and the proposed features of the analytics solution. The exercise was guided by Andrew K. Koch, Executive Vice President of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education.


This is the publisher pdf of Willis, J. E. & Strunk, V. A. (2013, May). Improving accessibility and success rates for first-generation and low-income students: A concept paper. In M.D. Pistilli (Ed.), Using analytics to create real solutions for real problems: Essays and reflections from the SoLAR Flare Practitioner’s Conference, pp. 55-68 and is available at: https://www.academia.edu/6940084/Improving_Accessibility_and_Success_Rates_for_First-Generation_and_Low-Income_Students_A_Concept_Paper.

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