Pre-service teachers develop technology competency during their tenure in the college classroom. These stages coincide with Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and offer the opportunity to learn and model technology integration. 656 pre-service education students from five universities across the United States completed a qualitative survey aimed at identifying how they perceived technology integration throughout their teacher education program. Three themes, corresponding to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy, were identified; 1) pre-service teachers first identify and understand technology as a tool, 2) pre-service teachers apply technology and analyze the process of integration, and 3) overall, pre-service teachers do not evaluate and create technology integration experiences. The Results of this study are discussed thematically in relation to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. Limitations are discussed ad recommendations for future research examined for pre-service teacher technology training.


This is the publisher pdf of Ruggiero, D. & Mong, C. (2013). Improving understanding of pre-service teacher experience with technology integration. The International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications, 5(5), 1-15 and is available at: 10.5121/ijma.2013.5501.


Technology Integration, Multimedia, Teacher Education, Bloom’s Taxonomy

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