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Eighth International Conference on Lean Six Sigma: Leading the Future of Lean and Six Sigma Research Methodologies

Lean Six Sigma is an integrated approach of two powerful and complimentary business strategies: Lean Production System and Six Sigma. The purpose of this integrated approach is to achieve a dramatic impact on an organization’s ability to do the things right first time, leading to higher quality and reliability, higher productivity, faster delivery and lower costs. Specific objectives of the ICLSS conference include:

  • Create an awareness of the prowess of Lean Six Sigma in problem-solving and enhancing competitiveness of an organization
  • Build a network of individuals, corporations and institutions willing to take a change agent role in leading Six Sigma and Lean strategies
  • Build a quality and cost reduction mindset for Business Executives and Senior managers through Six Sigma and Lean Principles
  • Share well-proven results for practitioners of Six Sigma, Lean Production System and Lean Six Sigma through presentation of case studies, workshops and tutorials
  • Build a network of industries and academic institutions partnership committed to developing Lean Six Sigma research and training collaboration
  • Bring in the Best Practice Management of Lean Six Sigma through shared experiences with internationally renowned practitioners and academics
The keynote speakers and workshop leaders of this international event are pioneers and leading practitioners of both Six Sigma and Lean Production strategies. The Eighth International Conference on Lean Six Sigma would like to invite papers for the following themes:
  • Theme 1: Emerging Trends for Lean Six Sigma, including the digital economy
  • Theme 2: Lean Six Sigma for advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) & for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Theme 3: Lean Six Sigma for the Service economy
  • Theme 4: Lean Six Sigma for Sustainability and Security of Supply Chains
  • Theme 5: Lean Six Sigma for Public Sector and Non-Profit sector
  • Who should attend the conference?

    • Academics
    • Senior Managers
    • Managing Directors and CEOs
    • Business Leaders
    • Six Sigma Professionals
    • Lean professionals
    • Continuous Improvement professionals
    • Operational Excellence professionals
    • Quality Professionals
    • Quality and Six Sigma consultants
    • Students

Browse the contents of Eighth International Conference on Lean Six Sigma:

Emerging Trends for Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma for Public Sector and Non-Profit Sector
Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare and Leadership