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Coupled Vane Compressor


In this paper, the performance of the rolling piston compressor and the coupled vane compressor are compared, and differences or similarities are presented and discussed. The comparison is based on one of the available sizes of the rolling piston compressor as used in a room air-conditioner. The extent of the theoretical comparison includes their respective design features, relative sizes, individual flow and frictional energy losses, details of PV diagrams, valve flow analysis and other performance parameters such as “compressor” COP. The coupled vane compressor is a novel compressor recently design with the objective to save raw materials in the production process while matching the performance of current compressors out in the market. It does this through its unique design allows for rotor size to not be limited by the stator size, thus increasing the working chamber to cylinder volume ratio. Through arbitrarily chosen values for their geometrical parameters, the comparison of the two compressors shows that the coupled vane compressor has potential to replace current compressors, thus saving a significant amount of raw materials and cost for compressor manufacturing and creating a more sustainable environment in the future.