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Rotary compressor, Large capacity, Low vibration, Balansing structure, Noise


The authors have developed a large capacity rotary compressor with compact size and low vibration. Recently, we have strong requirements for larger capacity without changing the compressor shell diameter. Considering for larger capacity in conventional 2-cylinder rotary compressor inverter type, there are issues such as high vibration, big sound. As the solution for these problems, we have developed 3-cylinder rotary compressor inverter type which have different compression process of 120 ° phase per revolution for each cylinder. The developed compressor achieves a capacity target, proves one-quarter vibration level comparing with 2-cylinder rotary compressor and ensure the improvement of reliability result. We have been manufacturing the world largest capacity of new rotary compressor and have been launching into the market since September 2020. This new model has successfully attained more large capacity with same shell diameter as our previous large capacity of 2-cylinder rotary compressor inverter type. This new model adopt some new technologies such as the 3-cylinder design for balancing rotation torque, the multi discharge valve structure, the integrated bearing with partition plate and the new wide-range motor. By these technologies, the outdoor units of multiple air conditioner for buildings (Variable Refrigerant Flow-VRF) can achieve a large capacity 20 HP (56kW) with applying one compressor unit only.