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Compressor noise, Stator frame, Load Analysis, Parametric Accelerated Life Testing, Faulty Designs.


To enhance the lifetime of a mechanical system such as compressor, parametric accelerated life testing (ALT) as a systematic reliability method is proposed. It consists of (1) a parametric ALT plan formed on BX lifetime, (2) load examination for ALT, (3) a customized parametric ALTs with design alternatives, and (4) assessment of the compressor design to secure the objective BX lifetime is fulfilled. As an experiment instance, newly designed reciprocating compressors for French-door refrigerators returned from the marketplace were investigated. The refrigerators had been making disagreeable noise and vibrations, creating the consumer to ask for replacing their refrigerators. As the vibration level of the problematic refrigerators was recorded in an anechoic chamber, the result was 0.35g. Upon closer inspection of the refrigerator, the noise originated from the reciprocating compressor where there was interference between the compressor upper shell and the stator frame. To reproduce the compressor problem from the marketplace, a parametric ALT was performed. The failure mode during the ALTs for the compressor was alike to those of the failed refrigerators from the field. As a corrective action, the stator frame in the compressor system was redesigned to increase the minimum gap between the compressor upper shell and the stator frame. During the second ALT, there were no issues. After parameter ALTs were used to develop corrective action plans, the lifetime of the compressor was reassured to have a B1 life 10 years.