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Twin-screw compressor, Rotor, Dynamic characteristics, Fluid-structure interaction


In the working process of twin-screw compressor, the rotors are subjected to multiple physical effects of the gas temperature, pressure and force, and presents a periodic change. In this paper, three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of screw compressor is carried out, and the characteristics of temperature distribution, pressure distribution and gas force distribution on the rotors’ surface are studied. Firstly, the rotor domain, suction and exhaust face grids are generated by TwinMesh, and then they are imported into the CFX calculation model. Through the fluid-structure interaction analysis and calculation, the strain shape of the screw rotor under the multiple alternating physical action of gas temperature, pressure and force is analyzed, and the deformation of the rotor structure caused by the pressure and temperature in the working process is obtained, which plays a good guiding role in the design of the screw rotor and the improvement of the performance of the compressor.