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Rotary compressor, Journal bearing, Axis locus, Minimum oil film thickness, Friction power


Based on the average Reynolds’ equation of hydrodynamic lubrication, the axis locus and the minimum oil film thickness of the journal bearings under the dynamic load were numerically solved in this paper, and the movement and bearing characteristics of the compressor bearings at different rotation speeds were analyzed to evaluate the influence of the friction loss of the journal bearings on the performance of the rotary compressor. The simulation results indicated that the minimum oil film thickness of the sub bearing is smaller than the critical oil film thickness at low rotation speed (n ≤ 1800 rpm), therefore, the friction power increases significantly with the decrease of rotation speed. The effects of width-diameter ratio, clearance and viscosity of lubricating oil on the improvement of minimum oil film thickness were further analyzed. By optimizing the width-diameter ratio of the bearing, the load carrying capacity of the oil film is improved, and the friction power of sub bearing reduces by more than 80%. The experimental results showed that the performance of rotary compressor can be improved by more than 1% at low rotation speed.