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Multi-Connected Air-Conditioner, Volume-Switching, Rotary Compressor, Low-Load, Energy Efficiency, Minimum Cooling Capacity


Residential Multi-Connected Air-Conditioner(RMAC) are widely used in urban residential in China, but they have low energy efficiency problems in daily use. They are mainly due to the air-conditioning habits of Chinese residents in "part space and part time", Which makes RMAC most of the time only 1-2 indoor units are turned on, and 60% of the operating time is at a low load rate of less than 30%. During low load operation, the compressor's efficiency drops sharply, and there is also the problem of frequent start and stop when the minimum output is too large. In order to solve this problem, a large-and-small volume switching compressor suitable for RMAC is developed. The compressor can choose single-cylinder small-volume operation or twin-cylinder large-volume operation according to the change of system load. The new compressor technology for RMAC improves the energy efficiency by 124% under 10% load, and avoids the problem of frequent start-stops at low loads, making RMAC more energy efficient and more comfortable.