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twin screw refrigeration compressor, perforated muffler, fluid-acoustic coupling method, aerodynamic noise, CFD


The twin screw compressor has been widely used in the refrigeration systems due to advantages such as compact structure, stable operation, high efficiency and good adaptability. Intermittent gas flow generates gas pulsation that cause serious problems such as structural vibration and noise in the twin screw refrigeration compressor. Because the mechanical noise can be controlled well with the improvement of machining and assembly accuracy, the aerodynamic noise induced by gas pulsation even has become the main noise source of the twin screw refrigeration compressor. In order to reduce the pressure pulsation, a broadband perforated panel muffler applied in the discharge chamber of the twin screw refrigeration compressor is proposed based on the noise spectrum and flow characteristics of the compressor. In order to obtain the noise spectrum of the twin screw refrigeration compressor, the pressure fluctuation in discharge chamber based on a three-dimensional CFD simulation model is calculated, and the acoustical model is established based on fluid-acoustic coupling method. Then the impacts of different structural parameters on the performance of a perforated panel muffler are investigated, including perforation rate, perforation diameter and panel thickness. Through the optimization of the perforated muffler, a better reduction effect of broadband noise can be achieved. Results of fluid-acoustic coupled analysis can provide guidance on the design and optimization of the perforated muffler and noise reduction of the twin screw refrigeration compressor.