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twin screw compressor, oil injection, two phase flow, VOF, CFD


In this paper, a full 3D transient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model of a twin screw compressor with oil injection is described in detail. Volume of Fluid (VOF) two phase flow model is used for gas and liquid phases. The rotor meshes are generated by SCORGTM grid generator and read into the CFD solver at each time step. The simulation runs efficiently and results are obtained in about 12 hours on 24 CPU cores. The CFD prediction of air mass flow rate and indicated power has a good agreement with the experimental data measured at City University of London. The compression pocket is tracked using a customized postprocessing technique and the pressurevolume diagram within it is also obtained and analyzed. Simulations demonstrate that the approaches used in this paper are robust and fast, and can be readily applied to industrial compressor systems for rapid design iterations and improvements.