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Swash plate compressor, Capacity control, Crank room pressure, Electric control valve


A numerical study on the performance of a variable capacity swash plate compressor for an automotive air-conditioning system was carried out. The compressor under investigation had six cylinders and capacity regulation was made by changing the swash plate inclination angle. A numerical simulation program was made based on mathematical modelings on the swash plate dynamics, refrigerant states in various control volumes such as cylinders and crank room, and flows in the opening passages of electric control valve for crank room pressure control. The simulation results such as mass flow rate, compressor power consumption, cooling capacity and COP were compared with measurements within ±5% deviation over various operating conditions except at low operating speed such as idling condition. By using the simulation program, the effect of the crank room pressure on the swash plate inclination angle and the determination of the crank room pressure level by the electric control valve openings could be investigated.