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Reciprocating compressors, P-V diagrams, machine dynamics, equation of motion, internal cylinder pressure measurements


The growing demand in the market for highly efficient, more reliable and less expensive compressors have activated the manufacturers to develop state-of-the-art analytical tools to predict, evaluate and optimize the existing as well as creating the new designs. Development of a mathematical tool for predicting the dynamic behavior saves considerable time and reduces the unnecessary number of prototypes as well as the development costs. In the present study, a non-linear dynamic model of a three stage single acting reciprocating compressor is developed to predict the entire motion of the compressor. The analytical model prepared for simulation of the motion is initially tested in a limited experiments for validation and an experimental setup is prepared. Pressure transducers are carefully mounted to record the pressure variation within the cylinder. Using this data the steady state PV-diagram is constructed and the pressure variation within the cylinder is obtained as function of the crank angle. Further modifications are being made in the setup to identify the angular position of the crank shaft and to record the angular speed of the crank shaft as a function of time. With these modifications the analytical model results are compared with the experimental findings and good agreement was observed. Then, a number of parametric studies are performed and the results are presented in the study.