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hermetic compressors, low GWP refrigerants, propane


To contribute to the global effort to phase down highly polluting HFC refrigerants, refrigeration industry is dedicating significant resources in evaluation process of alternative refrigerants. In the light commercial refrigeration segment the most difficulties were found to replace R404A refrigerant. Embraco, being one of major compressors manufacturers, took part in AHRI AREP program with performances evaluation on several refrigerant alternatives with GWP below 150, limit that is widely used as a threshold in regional and local legislations in the years to come. Except natural refrigerants like hydrocarbons and CO2, new chemical blends, classified in A2L safety class, were developed with GWP < 150 to meet criteria of regional regulation in different parts of the world. This paper shows summary of evaluation of a hermetic reciprocating compressor based on its thermal profile when using an A2L blend. It is then compared with R404A and R290 profiles in order to understand limitations when using an A2L chemical blend in the product which originally have been designed for R404A operation.