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Encoder; Linear Variable Inductive Transducer; Kinematics; Compressor


The measurement of the kinematics of reciprocating compressors, such as position, speed and acceleration, is an important part of a wide range of tests. Examples of these tests are the determination of the pV diagram, which depends on the measurement of the piston position; the determination of the Coefficient of Performance (COP), which requires the measurement of angular speed; friction loss experiments, which require the rotational speed and the deceleration of the compressor. Due to their importance for R&D of reciprocating compressors, this paper presents a review of the kinematic measuring methods for reciprocating compressors. Additionally, a test rig was designed to perform static and dynamic measurements of the piston and crankshaft kinematics. The applicability of a linear variable inductance transducer in a reciprocating compressor was evaluated by comparing its response to the measurements obtained from an encoder.