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Modeling, Swashplate, Compressor, Performance, Multi-Physics


This paper describes an integrated 1D/3D modeling approach for a multi-cylinder double-acting automotive A/C compressor using a multi-physics CAE system simulation software, GT-SUITE. This tool is used to build a 1D flow model of a compressor using the original CAD, along with a 3D multi-body dynamics model to study overall compressor performance. Various flow and mechanical-related built-in libraries, supported with pertinent physics, are utilized to study fluid flow and related forces on the pistons, shaft and the swashplate. There exists an easy approach in the software to schedule the suction and compression cycles in the cylinders. A full 3D modeling approach becomes computationally expensive especially when the compressor performance is to be evaluated during speed ramps, while the proposed 1D flow modeling approach yields results quickly. Analysis results will include gas pressure forces, effects of piston and swashplate inertia, as well as the generated mass flow rates. Also included will be the results of transient pressure pulsations and forces. The model also is able to predict any flow-related resonances that exist. Comparison with measured data is shown, where possible.