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Low Frequency, Booming Noise, Accumulator, Modal Resonance, Vibration


Low frequency noise is very boring and penetrating. To a certain domestic air-conditioner, the abnormal low frequency booming noise of the outdoor unit when the compressor operating at certain low RPM's is detected. Experiment and simulation analysis are taken, and it is determined that the 1st order flexible modal resonance of the accumulator is excited at certain operating RPM's which causing structure-borne noise passes through suction pipes. To solve this problem, two projects are produced to optimizing the linking property between accumulator and compressor shell: 1) increasing linking damping to reduce resonance area response; 2) increasing linking stiffness in order to increase modal frequency to avoid being excited resonance. Finally, the vibration experimental verification of the two projects is carried out, and project 2 is better than project 1 which is also better than the original one, more than 30m/s^2 reduced .