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Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor, CFD, Indicator Diagram, Discharge Line


The main component that determines the performance and efficiency of the refrigeration system is the compressor, which is the major energy consumer in a vapor-compression refrigeration system. In hermetic compressors for household refrigerators, one of the major factors that influences the total compressor efficiency is the flow efficiency of discharge line. In order to find out the effect of the structural changes to flow losses and pressure fluctuations at discharge line, this paper presents a three-dimensional CFD model and experimental study of a hermetic reciprocating compressor. In the first phase of this study, transient numerical flow analysis was developed and it was determined whether or not it overlaps with the experimental measurements. The CFD model results were compared with the experimentally obtained pV indicator diagram and transient pressure measurements of discharge plenum by varying the rotation speed of the modelled inverter hermetic reciprocating compressor. The result of the studies helps to identify the effect of the discharge line design parameters to the system performance.