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Reciprocating refrigerator compressor, P-V indicator diagram and valve motion curve


In this paper, through the establishment of the experiment test platform, the synchronous test of crankshaft rotation angle, cylinder pressure and valve motion of reciprocating refrigeration compressor is realized. And the factors affecting the performance of reciprocating refrigeration compressor and the performance of compressor are studied. The rotary encoder is used for monitoring transient pressure variation of suction and discharge valve port and internal cylinder during compressor running. And it can measure precisely the displacement of valve movement by optical fiber sensor. Through the study analysis on P-V diagrams under different conditions, compressor suction and discharge process of work and work loss are given to present relation between work and the refrigeration compressor condensing temperature. And also analyzing suction and discharge valve movement curve is to study the delay phenomenon while valve opening and closing, and present the most optimal proposal for valve plate structure design.