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Variable speed, Scroll compressor, FEA calculation, Wrap stress


The HVAC industry reaches a whole new level in terms of efficiency, comfort, reliability, and versatility by using Danfoss variable speed compressor technology. Variable speed systems work by connecting a motor control drive to a compressor, such as Recip (VTZ), Scroll (VRJ, VSH, VZH), or Centrifugal (TT, VTT, TG). Especially in terms of Scroll technology, Danfoss Commercial Compressors consistently performs detailed studies on the wrap stresses. Understanding the mechanical behavior of compressor wraps (as the compressor runs), is one of the most important criteria that has to be considered in the design process to guarantee a high reliability. Wraps are stressed by both the compression forces, and the inertia forces due to parts motion. Since the rotation speed of the Danfoss Scroll compressors could reach 100 RPS, this study allows to know if we have to assess the wraps additional stress due to the inertia forces.