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Vane slot deformation, Accumulator welding, Oxyacetylene flame, Coupled simulation, Rotary compressor


Commonly accumulator in rotary compressor is connected to main case by welding, which is space-saving and of high reliability, while big deformation of cylinder’s vane slot is usually resulted in to affect reliability and COP of compressor. Welding is a complex process including combustion, heat, structure, and so on. In this paper vane slot deformation in accumulator welding process was researched by both simulations and experiments. Firstly, oxyacetylene flame was simulated, and the temperature at different position of the flame was tested to adjust the parameters in the model. Secondly, heating procedure of accumulation welding was simulated to get the temperature distribution of compressor. And the distribution of the case temperature was tested by thermocouples, which showed the simulation result agreed well with the experiment. Thirdly, combustion-heat-structure coupled simulation model was established to get the deformation of vane slot, which also coincided with the experiment. Finally, based on the reliable simulation model, the principle of deformation was analyzed, which revealed the key factor of deformation is the heating difference between the taper pipe and the case pipe. Then the design was improved by shortening the case pipe to increase the heating area of taper pipe. And the deformation of vane slot almost disappeared, which was confirmed by simulation and experiment simultaneously. The fact of improvement ensured the rationality of the simulation model and the principle of vane slot deformation again.